Vegetarian cooking recipes

Forms of Vegetarianism Ovo-lacto vegetarians : This practice proscribes the ingestion of meat, while allowing the consumption of animal products such as eggs and milk. Lacto-vegetarians refers to the practice that excludes all meat, while allowing the consumption of milk and its derivatives such as cheese, butter and yoghurts. Ovo-Vegetarians refers to the practice that excludes all meat and all dairy products, while allowing the consumption of eggs. The vegan feed themselves only on vegetables (plus minerals or micro-organisms such as yeast and bacteria) and avoid the consumption of all products derived from the exploitation of animals (including eggs, milk, cheese and honey). In France and in the United States, the term vegetarian refers most often to Ovo-Lacto-vegetarians, these terms are used especially by nutritionists, and are hardly known by the general public. This book is for the Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians. I hope I have not made any mistake in the recipes, otherwise contact me to draw my attention to it. Vegetarian Cuisine We think that the vegetarian cuisine is sad and limited by a few fruits, vegetables and cereals, and especially stuffed with tofu everywhere, and of course all these lacking proteins … In fact, the vegetarian cuisine is tasty, healthy and has variety. We especially confuse all the vegetarianisms, the most common being the Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarianism that allows milk, dairy products and eggs, most often under the condition of the animal well-being, thus organic dairy products and eggs, so as not to favor the breeding in cages. The vegetarian cuisine often calls in for spices and cereals, it’s a very aromatic cuisine. Our ancestors only ate meat once or twice a week, it’s the XIX and the XX century that introduced the consumption of meat during each meal, coming back to a healthier and more varied food can be but more than beneficial.