The Kitchen Assistant

As a single mom supporting three children, Darla Jaros learned the importance of fulfilling her children’s preferential tastes with presentation as well as nutrition. After collecting recipes and helpful kitchen tips for over thirty years, Darla combined her knowledgeable and tried-and-true basic principles of cooking into this helpful and unique cookbook. Darla utilizes fresh ingredients and a handful of useful guidelines to cook quick-and-easy meals on a tight budget. She is well versed in providing delicious, wholesome, and inexpensive meals while saving time and cleanup in the kitchen. Darla will teach you which staple items to always keep handy, how to make a meal for the entire family when the cupboards seem bare, and the multiple uses of spices, as well as a weight-management plan. Her useful and unique tips will help you successfully prepare for a healthy dining experience while stretching your grocery dollars. The Kitchen Assistant is sure to become your daily reference guide and a permanent fixture in your family kitchen. Author Darla Jaros passionately cooks and creates new recipes when she is not enjoying the benefits of her granddaughter and children. She recently became a flight attendant to fulfill her dream of traveling the world and now has the opportunity to expand her food palate. When she is not cooking or traveling, she enjoys repairing antiques and other artistic endeavors.