The Chef's Way

The condensed knowledge of the great cooks of the world in one single volume. The Chef’s Way will make you a better, happier cook. This book is not a cook book and it is not an instruction book for becoming a classically trained chef. This book represents the most useful kitchen techniques I picked up on my years of Food Pilgrimage travels. The tips come from the Restaurants of Italy and England, the home kitchens of Botswana and Peru, and the street carts of Vietnam and Morocco. Some of these tips just make food look better. Some are true confidence builders that will inspire you to go into the kitchen, unleash your creativity and wield your tools with more authority. I want you to want to show off, to dazzle, to impress and most importantly to enjoy yourself. You don’t need to be a classically trained chef to know the kitchen and love the kitchen. You just need a slice of instinct and experience from the cooks of the world. The Chef’s way is just that.