THE BOOK OF VEGETARIAN DISHES : Delicious Homemade Cooking Recipes

Whether you are a die-hard vegetarian or a committed carnivore , the mouthwatering veggie recipes in THE BOOK OF VEGETARIAN DISHES can be enjoyed by the whole family to keep everyone healthy and happy . With such a considerable selection , you will be able to create fantastic vegetarian meals to suit all persuasions and occasions . With recipes like – Tomato Bruschetta , Vegetable Soup with Pesto , Stuffed Aubergine Slices , Raspberry and Feta Salad , Lentil Bolognese , Cheese and Herb Souffles , Broccoli and Sesame Frittata , Mushroom and Cauliflower Cheese Crumble , Vegetable and Hazelnut Loaf and many more . Every recipe is accompanied by a full-page colour photograph and clever variations and new ideas . The results are outrageously tasty—and completely vegetarian !