Safety Tips Cooking Food Safety and Foodborne Illness Course Book from the Perspective of the Home Kitchen

The book teaches about practicing Food Safety and Foodborne illness prevention while preparing and serving food from the home kitchen. This book and program was designed specifically for Caregivers and Home Health Aides as those are the people that have jobs that prepares and serve food to citizens that are considered HIGH RISK of getting a food borne illness due to their ages and underlying health conditions. Also, if you are a new homemaker with a family and now have to prepare and serve food to someone else other than yourself, this book can be very useful. It also teaches about Food Allergies and how to recognize the symptoms when your client is not able to let you know due to their mental state or just not sure. It teaches about Personal and Kitchen Hygiene and depending on your style of clothing can possibly create a foodborne illness and what you should wear in the kitchen. I know you know how to cook, and it may look and taste good but, are you 100% sure you are following the practices of cooking it safely.