Outdoor Cooking – Meat and Poultry Grilling, Roasting and Braising Tips and Techniques

Outdoor Cooking – Meat and Poultry Grilling, Roasting and Braising Tips and Techniques Table of Contents Introduction Wooden Chips for Smoking How to Build Up a Charcoal Fire How to Grill a Steak Making the Perfect Marinade Sauce Béarnaise Hollandaise Sauce Grilling Other Items of Food Sausages Good – for – Grilling Vegetables Koftas Potatoes Pork Spare Ribs Charcoal grilled Liver Charcoal Grilled Kidneys Grilled Lamb Horseradish and Applesauce Steak with Pepper Hungarian Steak with Paprika Appendix Rice Pilaf Conclusion Author Bio- Introduction A person who enjoys good food and go is on the lookout for new techniques which are going to impart flavor to juicy roasts, – especially that of meat – is definitely going to be interested to know all about grilling, roasting, and braising tips and techniques followed throughout the world. Some of them are traditional, some of them are comparatively modern or we can say 21st century innovations. For example, the traditional charcoal heating vessel in Japan called a Hibachi is now often used to grill or barbecue pieces of meat. In the same manner, barbecues, which were once done on an open fire, are now done under an electric grill. An outdoor grill is going to keep us out of the kitchen and also it satisfies some savage atavistic instinct in us which makes us crave juicy steaks, barbecued pieces of meat, roasted and grilled and charcoal burned medium rare or over cooked bite sized pieces of steak ever so often. It is the time of the hibachi and the barbecue. So if you have already heard all the unwanted advice given to you by diehard cooks, especially on matters of charcoal fires and wooden chips, here is some more advice, based on experience and time-tested cooking techniques done outdoors.