Mama Beck's Recession Proof Cooking

Growing up in the midwest, there were many times when our meals consisted of what wild game my pa brought home and ground beef. Which meant my mom had to become creative in preparing our meals. After all Ground beef can get pretty boring and we had be to careful with our budget. Much like many of us are doing again. This collection of recipes, partially come from my childhood and part from having to get creative in order to get my son to eat. All the recipes are quick, easy and most are inexpensive to make but they all look and taste like a million dollars. There are things listed in my book that are included to make life a little easier. My son is disabled and when he was younger, I needed simple and easy. These non traditional recipes are for pampering and some are just suggestions to help save money around the house. One example is to take a piece of fruit cut it into sections and serve it with dinner. This adds color to the plate making it more appealing to the eye and is giving our bodies nutrition as well as it helps make a bag of fruit last a little longer. Like said it is not that I have reinvented the wheel, I just have some ideas that help keep my budget under control and ensure that my family ends up with full tummies, a clean house and yes a little pampering.