Low & Slow Cooking

There’s No Shortcut to Great Flavor Savor the experience of preparing a well-marinated, slow-simmered roast with Chef Robyn Almodovar, winner of both Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. The techniques she’s perfected help you master the art of slow cooking to build depth of flavor in every bold, satisfying dish. Her innovative recipes reimagine tried-and-true classics as new, stunning meals including: • Not Your Ordinary Pot Roast • Nothing Baby about These Ribs • Pork Belly This • Beefed Up Bourguignon • 2-Steppin’ Spare Ribs • Dutch Oven Bread • Lamb Shank with Orange Gremolata • Cassoulet, My Way • Piggy Mac Robyn has found a way to transform cooking from a chore into a joy with showstopping dishes that only call for simple preparation and hands-off cooking so that every roast, shank and chop turns out mouthwateringly tender. Each dish in this book develops a symphony of flavors sure to satisfy any palate.