Life Skills COOKING COMPREHENSION Cooking Tips | Task Cards | Special Education

Life Skills | Cooking | Using Appliances | Functional Skills | Food Vocabulary | Recipes | Independent Living | Special Education | Print & Go Lessons Help students on the road to independence with these easy-to-use Cooking lessons! Using realistic photos and easy-to-read passages, students get helpful tips and easy-to-follow advice on everything from how to use a microwave to cooking pasta and reheating pizza. Students are introduced to the real-life world of cooking tools, ingredients, and how and when to use different appliances. From barbecues to broiling, and baking to boiling (and we can’t forget colanders…) key vocabulary and concepts are introduced then reinforced with short, easy-to-read comprehension and cloze reading activities. (see product preview for tons of sample pages). EASY-TO-USE LESSONS: Colorful multiple-choice exercises and cloze reading activities challenge students while keeping writing at a minimum. Reading passages are very short, and not overwhelming. These easy-to-use task cards are great for daily instruction, performance monitoring, transition programs, assessment, and review. (See product preview for tons of sample slides) HANDS-ON VISUAL LESSONS: Strong visual cues and realistic photos are sure to captivate students while reinforcing learning. Simple multiple-choice activities check for comprehension while keeping things enjoyable. These colorful lessons require very little writing. Students circle correct answers, and fill in missing words from a word bank… a student favorite! EASY-TO-USE: We’ve done the work for you! Simply download these lessons and print! A great way to teach essential life skills while also improving reading comprehension. INCLUDES: Page count: 53 Pages Answer Key Included