Knobs And Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing knobs and handles for your kitchen cabinets. It can be overwhelming to try to decide which ones will look best in your kitchen. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you choose the perfect knobs and handles for your kitchen cabinets.

There are so many options for kitchen cabinet hardware these days! It can be overwhelming trying to decide which knobs and handles to choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your selection:

-The style of your cabinets: Are they traditional, contemporary, or something in between? This will help you narrow down the style of hardware you should look for. -The finish of your cabinets: What color are they?

If you have stained wood cabinets, you’ll want to stay away from bright brass hardware. Conversely, if you have painted cabinets, you might want to add some contrast with darker hardware. -Your budget: Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the knobs and handles when making your decision.

There’s no point in falling in love with a set that’s out of your price range! Once you’ve taken all of these factors into consideration, it’s time to start shopping around. Take a look at what’s available both online and in stores near you.

With so many options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect set of knobs and handles for your kitchen cabinets!

Selecting Knobs & Pulls for New Cabinets

Bronze Cabinet Pulls

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of class to your cabinets? If so, consider bronze cabinet pulls. Cabinet pulls are a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without spending a lot of money.

Bronze cabinet pulls come in a variety of styles to suit any decor. You can find simple, classic designs as well as more ornate ones. And because bronze is such a versatile material, it’s easy to find cabinet pulls that match the rest of your hardware.

If you’re not sure what style of bronze cabinet pull you want, take some time to browse through different options online or in stores. You’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye and makes your cabinets stand out from the rest.

Restoration Hardware Cabinet Pulls

If you’re looking for a stylish way to update your cabinets, consider installing Restoration Hardware cabinet pulls. These beautiful hardware pieces can give any space an instant facelift, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any design aesthetic. For a classic look, opt for pulls with simple lines and a polished finish.

If you want something more modern, try opting for geometric shapes or mixed metals. And if you’re really looking to make a statement, go for oversized or decorative pulls. No matter what your style, there’s a Restoration Hardware cabinet pull that’s perfect for you.

Modern Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your kitchen cabinets, one of the easiest ways is to change out the hardware. Cabinet hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, materials and finishes, so you can really get creative with this project. Not only that, but new cabinet hardware can also be a budget-friendly way to give your kitchen a fresh look.

To help you choose the right modern cabinet hardware for your space, here’s a quick guide: First, decide on the style of hardware you want. Do you want something sleek and minimalist?

Or do you prefer something with more personality? There are endless possibilities when it comes to cabinet hardware styles, so take some time to browse through options online or in store until you find something that speaks to you. Once you’ve decided on a style, it’s time to pick out the finish.

Again, there are many different options available, from polished chrome to oil-rubbed bronze. If you’re not sure which finish will work best with your cabinets and kitchen décor, try narrowing down your choices by material first. For example, if your cabinets are made of cherry wood, then choosing brass hardware with a dark patina would be a good option.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account the size of your cabinet doors when selecting modern cabinet hardware. The rule of thumb is that the pulls or knobs should be about two-thirds the width of the door or drawer front. But ultimately it’s up to personal preference – so if you find something you love that doesn’t quite fit this guideline, go for it!

Nickel Cabinet Pulls

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant way to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, nickel cabinet pulls are a great option. Nickel is a versatile metal that can be finished in a variety of ways, so you can find cabinet pulls that fit any style. Plus, nickel is durable and easy to clean, so your cabinet pulls will look great for years to come.

There are two main types of nickel cabinet pulls: brushed and polished. Brushed nickel has a softer, more matte finish that gives it a slightly vintage feel. Polished nickel is shinier and more modern-looking.

Both finishes are beautiful, so it just comes down to personal preference. When choosing cabinet pulls, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your cabinets. For example, if you have small cabinets with recessed doors, you’ll want to choose small cabinet pulls that won’t stick out too far.

On the other hand, if you have large cabinets with flat doors, you can go for bigger cabinet pulls without worrying about them looking out of proportion. Once you’ve decided on the perfect size and finish for your nickel cabinet pulls, it’s time to install them! The process is relatively simple: just remove the old hardware from your cabinets (be sure to save the screws!), then line up the new hardware and screw it into place.

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, any good handyman should be able to help out.

Knobs And Handles on Kitchen Cabinets


What Kind of Cabinet Knobs are in Style?

There are a few cabinet knob styles that are popular right now. One style is the round knob which can come in many different finishes. Another popular style is the square or rectangular knob which can also come in many different finishes.

The last popular style is the pulls which can come in many different sizes and shapes.

Can You Have Knobs And Pulls on Kitchen Cabinets?

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. Some people prefer to have all knobs, while others like a mix of knobs and pulls. And still others would rather have all pulls.

So, can you have knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets? The answer is yes! If you’re going for a mixed look, a good rule of thumb is to use pulls on the larger doors (like pantry doors) and knobs on the smaller doors (like those for your upper cabinets).

This way, everything feels balanced and in proportion. If you’re not sure which style you prefer, why not experiment? You can always change out the hardware down the road if you decide you want to go in a different direction.

The important thing is to choose something that you love and that works well with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Should You Put Handles Or Knobs on Kitchen Cabinets?

There are pros and cons to both handles and knobs on kitchen cabinets. Handles may be easier to grip and provide more space to grip, while knobs can give a neater look to your cabinetry. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what works best for your particular kitchen.

Where Do You Put Knobs And Handles on Kitchen Cabinets?

There’s no one answer to this question – it depends on your kitchen layout and the style of your cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, you might want to put the knobs and handles close together so that they’re easy to reach. If you have a large kitchen, you might want to spread them out so that they’re more evenly distributed.

You can also put them in different places depending on whether you’re opening the doors with your left hand or right hand. If you’re not sure where to start, a good rule of thumb is to put the knobs and handles at the center of each door. That way, they’ll be easy to find and reach no matter what side of the door you’re coming from.

You can also try different arrangements to see what looks best in your kitchen – there’s no wrong way to do it!


If you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your kitchen cabinets, why not try adding knobs and handles? It’s a relatively easy DIY project that can make a big impact. Plus, it’s a great way to use up any leftover paint from other projects.

There are a few things to consider when choosing knobs and handles for your cabinets. First, think about the overall style of your kitchen. Are you going for a modern look or something more traditional?

Then, take into account the finish of your cabinets. You’ll want to choose hardware that either matches or complements the existing finish. Once you’ve decided on the style and finish of your hardware, it’s time to start shopping!

There are tons of options out there, so take your time and find something that you love. And don’t forget to measure twice before drilling any holes – you don’t want to end up with wonky-looking cabinet doors!