How to smartly organize your kitchen PANTRY? | Useful TIPS & TRICKS for managing your groceries well

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My attempt to arrange my brand-new cupboard. Hope you like it.

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In this Video:
IKEA Splutter Screen:
Shelf liners:
IKEA colender:
IKEA KORKEN Tall impermeable containers:
IKEA food containers:
IKEA Champaign sports car:
Necklace light:
IKEA flavor jars:
IKEA spice jar coordinator:
Cover organizer:
IKEA rack inserts:
Samsung fridge:
Label manufacturer machine:
Chalkboard sticker labels:
IKEA picture frames:
IKEA dish drying out mat:
IKEA tall dry food container:
IKEA Lid holders:
Magazine owner:
Best Pancake mix ever:
Airtight containers:
IKEA Rice container:
Bergner Stainless steel pressure cooker:
IKEA dishware:
IKEA metod dishware unit made use of in eating location:
IIKEA ingatorp dining:
Dining mirror:
Pendant light:
Samsung refrigerator:
Cooking oil dispenser:
Cutting board:
IKEA water glasses:
Cast Iron kitchenware:
Kitchen area items:
Stainless steel items:
IKEA kitchen tap:
Wonderchef cast iron pot:
Kohler pull out cooking area tap:
Kadhai’s as well as Pans:
Fridge organisation:
Cleaning up products:
Retractable fabric line:

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00:00 – Trailer
00:33 – IKEA Shopping
01:58 – Pantry Organisation
04:43 – Under Sink Cabinet
05:52 – Tea Coffee cupboard
06:17 – Some Pantry Hacks
07:53 – Spaghetti for Dinner
09:42 – Sangria Mocktail
11:05 – Rice Drawer organisation
12:17 – Condiments Organisation
12:55 – DIY Blackboard for Kitchen
13:49 – Spice Cabinet
14:12 – Lid organiser
14:39 – Rasam and Fish Fry for lunch
16:51 – Extra Stock pantry organization
18:56 – Home made masala
20:34 – Pancake for Snack
21:20 – Dalia Khichdi for Dinner