Holiday Grocery Haul & Kitchen Organizing Ideas!

With the holidays nearby I wished to share a few of my most likely to pantry staples + my cooking area organization suggestions to maintain you stocked and arranged throughout the period.

Thank you to Walmart Canada & INTERAC for funding this video. It’s so great to collaborate with brand names that I make use of in my day-to-day life.

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Walmart Grocery Pickup:


Bamboo tea box organizer: in store
Bamboo seasoning shelf:
Bamboo cabinet organizers:
Lazy susan:
Grain keeper:
Food storage set:
Appear food container:
Tinted silicone spatulas:
1 litre large mouth mason jars:
Tag manufacturer:

Vacation Grocery Haul List:

Great Value cooking soft drink:
Great Value cooking powder:
Elegance natural coconut milk:
Great Value unsweetened applesauce:
Our Finest maple syrup:
Wholesome coconut sugar:
Great Value elegant molasses:
Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats:
Great Value coconut oil:
Great Value organic brownish rice flour:
Tinkyada brown rice pasta:
Great Value organic quinoa:
Great Value organic barley:
Great Value pecans:
Great Value walnuts:
Great Value organic tomato basil sauce:
Yves natural black beans:
Yves natural pinto beans:
Yves organic chickpeas:
Tinkyada brown rice lasagna pasta:
Mary’s Gone natural herb crackers:
Breton roasted garlic organic crackers:
Mrs. Renfro’s salsa:
Tostitos natural blue corn chips:
Terra root veggie chips:
Great Value steel cut oats:
Great Value natural hen broth:
Natures Path organic pumpkin spice granola bars:


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This post is funded by Walmart Canada and INTERAC as part of the #UpstairsAmy program. For this blog post, I have actually received advantages in the form of products and/or payment. All opinions are my very own.