Grandma's Tips for Cooking for Your Freezer – Creating your own Fast Food Meals

Table of Contents Introduction Tips before Freezing Easy Tips – Greens Preparing Spinach Preparing Peas Label Your Items Freezing Refreezing Thawing Reheating Freezer Burn Open Freezing Storage Life Best Items to Freeze Cheese and Vegetable Casserole Steak pie Sautéed Sausage and Chicken Tomato and Pork Casserole Marinara Sauce Fruited Frappe Frozen Blue Cheese Dressing Brunswick Stew Chilled Mushrooms Shrimp Bisque Low-Calorie Dressing Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction In great great grandma’s time, when freezers were not around, she made sure that the foods that were cooked for her family were preserved either in cold cellars and storage, or cooked in such a manner, that there was no question of it spoiling. That is when she used salt, sugar, vinegar and herbs to preserve the food content.