Grandma's Summer Cooking Book – Healthy Tips for Summer Eating

Table of Contents Introduction Preparing a Summer Cupboard Kitchen Equipment Herbs That You Need Drying Herbs Summer Appetizers Moules Mariniere Shrimp Toast, Chinese Style Smoked sliced Tongue Sauce Ravigote Fresh Raw Vegetables Country Style Hamburgers Appendix How to make traditional Curry Powder- Garam masala Making A Traditional Salad What sort of Salad Bowl Should You Have Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction The best thing about summer is the cornucopia of fruit and vegetables given to us in abundance by nature. So even if it is 50° in the shade, you know that you can remain cool by sinking your teeth into juicy cantaloupes, or just enjoying other gastronomic pleasures of the summer season. This book is for all those who hate to slave over a stove, very often, especially during the summer heat. But that does not mean that you cannot take full advantage of plenty of fresh vegetables and fish, baby string beans, and new asparagus as accompaniments to the main course, or just as salads.