Foil Packet Cooking

Are you preparing for an outdoor camp with your family, and you are looking for quick and easy recipes that will make the vacation memorable? Foil packet meals are the best ways to go. It comes with an easy way to prepare your meal- just place the ingredients of the meal in a piece of aluminum foil, wrap and place it either in the campfire or on the grill to be cooked. This method of camp cooking makes the meal be prepared in a few minutes with no problems. This is the reason this book is written to show you different meals you can prepare between 15 minutes to 40 minutes and you are done cooking your healthy and delicious meals. Another benefit of foil packets is that you practically have no reason to do clean-up after the meals, as the meals are prepared in the packets. No dirty pots pans or serving plates to clean after eating. But, if you decide to use regular silverware, you will clean spoons, plates, knives, and forks. However, if you use plastic silverware instead of steel types, you may decide to dispose of them instead of washing or cleaning them as the case may be. The foil packets afford you the opportunity of preparing your meal ahead of time. All you will have to do is just arrange your ingredients on the foil packet and transfer it to the campfire or grill- relax and be doing some other stuff that will make your camping exceptional. This book comes with recipes that will make your camping memorable and enjoyable. Below is a preview of what to expect in this book. History of Foil-Packet Cooking Aluminum Foil Tools needed for Foil Packet Foods for Foil How to Fold Foil packet Cooking Methods Foil Packet Cooking Tips Breakfast Recipes Fruit & Veggies Chicken & Turkey Recipes Pork & Beef Recipes Fish & Seafood Recipes Dessert & Assorted Recipes And More; So why waiting? Scroll to the top of the page and click on “Buy Now” to discover easy ways to enjoy your camping with foil packet meals.