EXTREME KITCHEN DECLUTTER, CLEAN & ORGANIZE | kitchen deep clean with me + kitchen organization idea

Extreme kitchen declutter, clean and organize with me 2022! Today I’m sharing some serious deep cleaning motivation, and I’m decluttering my ENTIRE kitchen. This video has cleaning motivation, decluttering tips and tricks, kitchen organization ideas, and it will hopefully get you up and cleaning along with me!

In This Video!
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My Equipment!
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0:00 – Welcome
0:19 – Utensil Drawer Declutter
3:03 – Pots & Pans Declutter
7:08 – Kitchen Drawers Declutter
7:55 – Corner Cabinet Declutter
11:08 – Kitchen Cabinet Declutter
13:31 – Coffee Bar Declutter
16:33 – Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

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