Cooking with the Firehouse Chef: The Food that Fuels New York's Bravest from the Hands of Award Winning Chef Keith Young

Firefighters can’t go out to eat when pulling their shifts, so the best cook of the lot generally becomes the designated firehouse chef. These amateur chefs often turn out meals ranging from gourmet status to favorite comfort foods. The chef at New York’s Midwood Brooklyn Fire Department, Keith Young, is not an amateur. He’s a graduate of the culinary program at prestigious Johnson & Wales University. In this, his first cookbook, Keith Young shares his favorite recipes.Firehouse chef Keith Young opens with a touching tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack, many of whom were close friends. Black and white photos throughout the book capture the author and fellow firefighters in the kitchen and around the firehouse. Shadowed inserts are interspersed throughout the book with firefighting anecdotes sure to bring a chuckle as well as cooking tips. Cooking in a firehouse is like cooking for family, so you’ll find these recipes use easy-to-find ingredients in a wide spectrum of dishes. With semi-gourmet offerings such as Steak au Poivre with Mushroom Green Peppercorn Dijon Sauce to homey favorites like Grandma’s Quick and Easy Pot Roast, you’re sure to find something to please all palates. And yes, there are two chili recipes. Each recipe is introduced with a brief background description to give an idea on how it came about. They are presented in a no-nonsense format, easy on the eyes, with simple cooking instructions. The appendix includes the author’s opinion on what every kitchen should have, covering pots, pans, knives, and other cooking essentials.The index, an often-overlooked cookbook essential, is better than many, making it easy to search for recipes by ingredient. It’s no secret that firehouse cooks are famous for their food. Satisfying hungry, hard-working firefighters is no easy task. When you get right down to it, firehouse food is simply home cooking away from home. Cooking with the Firehouse Chef is sure to delight your family and friends with favorite comfort foods as well as ethnic and restaurant specialties.