A Beginner's Guide to Campfires – Campfire Tips and Techniques, Safety and Cooking

A Beginner’s Guide to Campfires – Campfire Tips and Techniques, Safety and Cooking Table of Contents Introduction Building a Campfire Picking the Right Spot Building a Fire Pit How much Fuel Do You Need Keeping Your Fire Going in the Rain What to Do with Limited Fuel? Lighting the Fire Safely Fire Safety Putting out Your Campfire Cooking Meat in a Campfire Spiced Salt Useful URLs Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Ancient Greek mythology says that an adventurous and enterprising young lad named Prometheus crept into Olympus and stole one of the secrets of the Gods- Fire. As punishment, Zeus condemned him to have his liver eaten by an Eagle every morning. So while Prometheus had his liver eaten (it grew again during the night) mankind benefitted by one of Nature’s most powerful gifts- Fire. Any logical 21st century thinker is going to be entertained by this way of explaining the magic and phenomenon of fire as a treasure the Gods wanted to keep to themselves. Naturally, the ancient Greeks did not look into the much older practical use to which fire was already being put by man, much before he began dreaming up myths. Fire was the first natural power harnessed by man which separated him from other animals eons ago. He used it for warming his camp and hearth, cooking his food, protecting him from other animals and providing him with heat and light as well as psychological comfort at night or during inclement weather. Is it surprising then, that every civilization down the ages worshipped Fire? Not only was this power necessary for survival, but it was the holy symbol around which mankind wove his culture, rituals, and future traditional basis of religious celebrations.