6 TIPS Indian Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas! Home HashTag Life

6 TIPS Indian Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas! Home HashTag Life
Here’s the part 2 of our kitchen with countertop organization or arrangement ideas. In this second part of Indian kitchen organization video I have shared 6 tips on how you can make your kitchen countertop organized and functional.

You can skip the intro and organization tips starting from- 2:34 minutes

Here’s 6 tips at a glance-

1. Prioritize what should be on counter top.
2. Keep chopping board and knife together.
3. Keep gas stove area clutter free.
4. Use “S” hooks to hang everyday utensils.
5. Use hanging baskets to free up counter space.
6. Use baskets and tray to easy counter top cleaning.

I hope this Kitchen counter top organization part 2 will be helpful for you. Happy organizing Bees!!!


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