500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips and Techniques

A collection of useful ideas, methods, hints, tips and tricks I have learned or come to realise during my many years cooking, both professionally and at home, which may be of use to others. They are all ways of making cooking quicker and/or easier and/or more effective and/or more delicious, additionally they will probably help you save money and eat more healthily. This is an extended version of my original 219 Cooking Tips & Techniques, as I have been continually bothered by tips or hacks that should be included, it now runs to a little over 500 tips Sections on … ~ Intro ~ General Tips ~ Meat and Poultry ~ Fish and Shellfish ~ Dairy ~ Eggs ~ Vegetables & Salads ~ Fruits, Nuts & Seeds ~ Herbs & Spices ~ Rice, Pasta & Grains ~ Frying ~ Baking & Similar ~ Chocolate ~ Drinks ~ Special Occasions