500 Fat Free Recipes

As cardiac patients, dieters, and just about anyone interested in maintaining good health can tell you, “fat free” too often means “flavor free.” With The Garden Variety Cookbook and The Low-Cholesterol Olive oil cookbook, Sarah Schlesinger proved there’s no reason why good food and good diet can’t go hand in hand, and in her latest recipe collection she does so again, with distinction. 500 Fat-Free Recipes is the only cookbook to offer convenient, delicious, nonfat recipes each with one gram of fat or less-as well as a complete guide to reducing the fat in your diet. Finally, here’s a one-stop resource for healthy eating. Schlesinger began a dramatic reduction of her family’s fat and cholesterol intake ten years ago as part of a program to reverse her husband’s chronic heart disease. Finding hundreds of lowfat recipes-but very few nonfat recipes-she began her own culinary experiments. The result is a remarkable collection of dishes utilizing the freshest produce, zesty seasonings, and unusual combinations instead of added fat and fat-laden ingredients. Here is a plethora of prize edibles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. You’ll find Pear-Cinnamon Muffins, Baked French Toast, Spinach Fettucini with ShiitakeTomato Sauce, Red Pepper Mini-Pizzas, Black Bean Lasagna, Cocoa Cake-all with one gram of fat or less. There’s even a special section on dressings, sauces, and relishes. Schlesinger also offers the tools you need to manage daily fat consumption. She explains the role of fat as necessary nutrient and potential health hazard, shows how to estimate how much fat you truly need, and includes tips on how to eat out on a low-fat diet, make the most of frozen meals, season dishes without fat, and shop for nonfat products. A nutritional-content analysis follows each recipe. With Schlesinger’s help, you can control the fat in your diet (and still occasionally indulge in the higher-fat foods you crave) Here are five hundred delectable reasons to get with the program and start to safeguard your family’s well-being today. The recipes in 500 Fat-Free Recipes are so good, people won’t even suspect they’re healthy!