10 USEFUL Kitchen Organization Ideas In 1 Minute 😱 #Shorts

Here are 10 kitchen organization ideas to maximise space in your small kitchen! From kitchen cabinets to fridge and kitchen drawers, we got you covered with these amazing kitchen organization ideas every homeowners must know.

1. Lazy susan for deep corners
2. Utilise dead space under shelves
3. Organize different food groups according to categories
4. Use a file organizer in cabinets
5. Get an all-in-one holder for kitchenware to save space
6. Create extra storage space in tall cabinets with a tiered rack
7. Make use of wall of door space using hanging organizers
8. Choose collapsible containers or containers that can be nested to save space
9. Re-organize your utensils drawer into different compartments to find things easily
10. Use clear containers for pantry so that you can search for ingredients easily even when you are in a rush

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